• ichiza is a UK-based Japanese theatre company which explores various Japanese art forms from traditional theatre to contemporary works. Collaborating with writers, directors, actors, musicians and designers from wider ethnic groups, our aim is to produce exhilarating, dangerous, powerful Japanese plays in English with storytelling at their core.

    We believe all theatre starts from a story. Stories can be found in different forms, sometimes it is a play already written, sometimes a legend, a poem or a piece of music. When a story taps us on the shoulder we start to feel an itch.

    We are a team of storytellers, each with our own ideas. Each idea sometimes helps or conflicts with another and eventually we discover something unexpected.

    We work not only with Japanese people but also with people of other ethnic origins. We want to produce plays through which we can understand each other by transcending obstacles such as nation, race or religion.

    We would like to bring our theatre to where audiences are instead of waiting for them to come to us. The venue could be anything from a village hall to a warehouse. We would like not only theatregoers but also non-theatregoers to experience our theatre.

    We would like to hand down our itch to younger generations. In our case to hand down does not just mean to teach, but to collaborate. We would like to listen to and learn from those who are the future of an increasingly multi-cultural world.

    Our journey is only just beginning. Close

    Company Members      
    Nicholas Barter Togo Igawa Eiji Kusuhara Noriko Sakura
    Nicholas Barter Colin Challenger Togo Igawa Setsuo Kato
    Kazuko Matsuoka Shuko Noguchi Akihiko Senda Jenny White

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