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5th February 2009

ichiza will present their first play-reading evening.
This event features plays by Shuji Terayama, an avant-garde Japanese artist who led the Japanese underground scene in 1960-80fs. The evening includes eInugamif (Dog God) and eKegawa no Marief (La Marie-Vison). Both plays will be performed in English.

Shuji Terayama:
Shuji Terayama (1935-1983) was an avant-garde Japanese poet, dramatist, playwright, writer,theatre/film director, photographer and essayist. When people asked him what his job was, he used to say gItfs Shuji Terayama.h He founded a theatre company Tenjo Sajiki in 1967, and wrote and directed many productions until his death. The company led the Japanese underground scene in 60s-80s and left huge impact to the following generations.

eInugamif (Dog God):
There is a boy who is believed to be a child born from a dog, a case of dog possession because his mother was attacked by a wild dog in a mountain just before she gives birth to him. It is based in a very small village in the countryside of Japan. His mother kills herself, his father runs away with a woman, now a dog boy has no friend and is living only with his grandmother. Alienated by the other members of village, he finds a white dog. Since the white dog comes into his life, ominous story starts again.
- Director: Masumi Kako
... Dominic Rouse / Bethen Thorpe / Noriko Sakura / Nina Fog

eKegawa no Marief (La Marie-Vison):
A forty-year old male prostitute Marie lives with his son, a beautiful boy called Kinya. Kinya, who is forced to call Marie eMotherf, has been locked in the house and has never seen the outside world. All he does is chase butterflies released by Marie in the living room. One day,Kinya knows the secret of his birth and the reason why Marie keeps him inside.
- Director: Franko Figueiredo (Artistic Director of StoneCrabs)
... Kumiko Mendl / Conor Irwing / Billy Sy / Maryia Mizuno

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