Cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy

images cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy

Sign up here Click here to sign up. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. However, that means it loses some of its corrosion resistance properties. It dulls slightly quicker then VG You tell us? Edge Retention represents how long the blade will retain its sharpness while it is being used. It's not brittle.

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  • From what I've gathered CTS-XHP is marketed by Carpenter Steels as a stainless D2. BD1 is a slightly improved AUS8. I'd put S35VN over. Steel is essentially an alloy (i.e. a mix) of carbon and iron that is Toughness is the ability to resist damage like cracks or chips when subject to impact or “sudden loads”.

    Why No Love for CTS BD1 Spyderco Forums

    CTS-XHP from US based Carpenter is another relatively new knife. Created at Spyderco's request, CTS-BD1 is a vacuum-melted. that particular producer>> XHP for instance is one of my favorites. I've also heard it compared to another older blade steel but the exact name escapes me at this time +1 I've only had a knife with CTS BD1 for a short time but I've been Its alloy composition includes % Carbon, % Chromium.
    This is a pretty uncommon type of steel at the moment, but we only see it becoming more popular.

    It has a similar composition to A steel, with a higher carbon to chromium ratio making it generally a little harder and wearable, but at a cost of less corrosion resistance. The high precision forming capability of powder metallurgy generates components with near net shape, intricate features and good dimensional precision pieces are often finished without the need of machining.

    Seems like a good solid performer - yet the reviews I read are tepid at best.

    It also has high levels of carbon and chromium, and can be easily sharpened.

    images cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy
    Fayotage definitely maybe
    The main reason that it is as good as it is though is due to the high quantity of Vanadium present in the steel.

    A very good all round steel! If you are a fair weather user, who like to get some heavy duty work done with the knife then carbon is where you should look. Steel is arguably the most important aspect of a knife. Kershaw, Spyderco and Schrade are among some of the popular users of this steel. Yes it can.

    The Carpenter CTS family of alloys offers superior edge retention and surface finish CTS alloys are available in a variety of sizes in coil or cut-length strip form.

    images cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy

    CarTech CTS BD1 alloy is a premium melted, martensitic stainless having better steels but tend to be percent carbon and 1 percent or more chromium.

    “Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon containing less than 2% carbon and 1% Toughness is the steels ability to resist damage like cracks or chips when. The final good point about CTS-XHP is that it has a reasonable.

    images cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy

    In this bracket of steel, you'll find that CTS-BD1 is very good at holding its edge.
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    Fallkniven make some very good knives with this steel!

    Well you can probably guess from the name that it involves powdered metals. It wouldn't be my first choice for a week of camping. Although the S35VN is an improvement on this steel, take absolutely nothing away from the qualities that this steel possesses.

    So little love- but that does not mean it's poor steel: just that no-one is getting rabidly excited about it or writing frothy posts in every forum Yes, HAP40 fans, I'm looking at you I have 4 Manix 2s- So a good basis for comparison on a common blade shape and style One is the lightweight in BDS1, 1 in CM, 1 in S30v and 1 Sprint in M4.

    images cts bd1 vs cts xhp alloy
    Although generally not the best steel, certain manufacturing processes where they use quality heat treatments result in better edge retention and corrosion resistance. Different steels but they're all good. The HC is this title stands for High Carbon.

    The Complete Guide to Knife and Tool Steels Heinnie Haynes Blog

    Therefore, you should look after your knife and clean it properly luckily there is a post for that. If you are likely to be using your blade in humid, damp, wet or rainy environments then consider stainless. It's easier to sharpen than my C Cat by a wide margin and gets sharper too, I'd rate it as pretty close to good AUS8 in ease of sharpening and edge retention and better overall than all of the commonly seen Chinese stainless steels.

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