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images dp wiki paulsego white guilt

The restaurant is known for its very salty food which is still a staple of Pauls diet and explains why he is a salty piece of moronic elephant shit covered in salt and more shit. InTJ wrote this little comment about the bias inherent in our system : [97]. Hidden category: Articles with unsourced statements. What the fuck were you thinking when you created Eskimos? Um, I'm just gonna ramble and stumble upon some wisdom or idiocy as I might. He has made several guest appearances since the early history of the podcast until he finally became a DP co-host on Episode of the podcast.

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  • salty paul, fatterton, pauls ego, peaches tub of shit in existence, the salt king, homeless looking guy, pool, fatterton, white guilt Paul and peaches by his mother. File:Pauls Ego White something to win for there hard work.

    like a free exclusive DP wiki shirt if the get a lot of points for good editing. TJ has spoken out virulently against the idea of white guilt as perpetrated by. several videos criticizing misogynists Jefferson Bethke, Jesse Lee Peterson, and Todd Akin.

    Big thanks to @hallcyon @KyleKulinski @JaclynGlenn @paulsego .
    He frequently does live hangouts on his YouTube channel and live streams on Twitch.

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    TJ doesn't like " SJWs ". More information. Views View Edit Edit source History. He is a shorter and fatter TJ, as well as a good friend of the podcast.

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    Paul was born and raised in the small town of Madera California a fact that he will bring up constantly as if it makes him a better person or some shit the town actually has a population of 64, people so I would hardly call it small or remote as Paul has claimed it is on numerous occasions.

    images dp wiki paulsego white guilt
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    So I figure if these people can actually get halfway liked on Youtube, I have a chance too.

    That said, in TJ posted a video in June [33] in defense of Coy Mathis, a transgender girl who was being bullied online by conservative websites for having won a court case giving her the right to use the girl's bathroom.

    So imagine my indignation when I saw a chatroom called "Rape Survivors. Rape isn't fatal.

    images dp wiki paulsego white guilt

    Sometimes words matter as much as actions.

    Welcome to the Drunken Peasants subreddit!. it and that he's not pissed or upset or anything: I ONLY PUT IN THE TEXT! I found this Pic on the Drunken Peasants Wiki and added a caption If anyone finds who original White Guilt Paul. Drunken Peasants podcast originally aired in as the No Bullshit Podcast.

    . TJ's White Guilt - Holocaust Deniers Exposed - #YesAllWhitePeople . in which a random article from Wikipedia was read; DP Action News.
    TJ doesn't like " SJWs ". In Augusthe was briefly suspended on Twitter [21] for a tweet in which he jokingly said white people are a disease referencing the backlash to The New York Times hiring Sarah Jeong [22] :.

    images dp wiki paulsego white guilt

    The anecdote culminates in TJ's hilarious punchline: [61]. His father was Thomas James Kirk II July 1, — January 3,who operated several fraudulent higher education organizations and served three years in U. Ass: The Final Showdown," which features a helpful comparison chart of pros and cons, with such charming observations as tits being "hard to stare at without the girl noticing," while "you can take a picture [of her ass] and she won't be any the wiser.

    Paul and Jim Ass are sworn enemies.

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    images dp wiki paulsego white guilt
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    He doesn't know how to properly make a good video site for people, and he never bought enough bandwidth. Jill Stein Paul talked shit about Jim Ass and said that he came across as "loud and abusive". Inthey introduced a fifth regular host, William Berry, aka Billy the Fridge, who was named the '5th Peasant' during a Seattle meet-up.

    Latter when paul became a permanent member around like episodehe quit his day job to focus on DP. Cancel Save.