Reloading 9mm powder choice

images reloading 9mm powder choice

Business Advertisers Affiliates. Get help. Thanks for the correction, I though I might have the burn rate thing backwards. There may be or 10,psi still pushing on that bullet when it un-corks. Titegroup worked for me. This combination will cause any would-be attacker to seriously reconsider their chosen course of action. With more pressure pushing the bullet longer timebullet is launched faster. Now, say,, you burn 10 grains of a much slower powder, same gun. Recoil was very manageable and muzzle jump was moderate, so it was easy to get back on target. Ok, now, don't take these numbers for accurate facts, they are for illustration.

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    9mm powder choice Handloading, Reloading, and Bullet Casting. I'm just getting started into reloading and I'm looking for some advice on a suitable powder.

    I'm going to be loading 9mm with a gr. FMJ bullet for target/plinking loads.

    Down in the city and going to head by my favorite reloading supply to see what they have. I've been reloading xtreme 9mm grain.
    HS-6 comes in just under 3N37 and well ahead of bullseye.

    images reloading 9mm powder choice

    The second may have 2 or 3,psi left driving the bullet and may gain or fps. I have tinkered with HS6 in handguns, I use it mostly in shotgun shells.

    Ok, now, don't take these numbers for accurate facts, they are for illustration. Now put those 2 loads in a 16" barreled carbine instead of a 5" barreled pistol. Filtered by:.

    Powder choice for 9mm gr load [Archive]

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    images reloading 9mm powder choice
    Again, a 4" bbl.

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    As far as starting data have no fear with starting with min charge with this powder worst that can happen is it won't cycle. Lately I have been trying 3. Choices abound when it comes to top 6. As always, you should start at the lowest listed load for each particular bullet, and work your way up slowly.

    What do yall recommend for 9mm powder?

    images reloading 9mm powder choice

    I will be CFE Pistol and Autocomp have become my powders of choice after running out of What's your favorite powder for gr 9mm Reloading Bench. but for those of you who load gr 9mm FMJ what's your powder of choice?.

    9mm with HS6 Best choice The Handloaders Bench

    Reloading the 9mm Luger is an easy process, but there are definitely but that certainly doesn't make the 9mm Luger a bad choice for a carry gun; in fact, I see Alliant Blue Dot flake powder is good for heavier 9mm loads.
    I'm using 4. I'm going to be loading for 9mm using either Zero or Montana Gold gr FMJ bullets, and I'm looking for something that is economical and will work for target and range loads. Soft recoil yet cycles every 9mm I own without issue. Test barrel was 4". Nighthawk Custom T4.

    Loving Your Luger Reloading the 9mm Luger Gun Digest

    It has a classic, military-style nose profile, and because the lead core is completely encased in the copper plating it makes a great choice for use in the indoor pistol ranges, as they will leave no lead vapors in the air.

    images reloading 9mm powder choice
    I set the bullet for a cartridge overall length COL of 1.

    BOTH will launch bullets even faster because of acceleration time gained by barrel length. Theodore Roosevelt. Every time the bullet's travel doubles the volume behind it, the pressure falls by half. I set my charge to 62gr.

    Referencing the Lyman 50th Ed reloading handbook and Hornady .

    I would concur that HS-6 is a fine 9mm powder but at its best with FP.

    Alliant Powder Power Pistol

    Designed for high performance in semi-automatic pistols and is the powder of choice for 9mm, S&W and SIG. Fast burning and consistent; Economical. Since I don't reload 9mm myself (yet) I was hoping for some input on choice of powders to use (or not), primers, bullet weight etc. I checked.
    Say, you burn 5 grains of fast powder in your 9mm, and it all burns fast before the bullet even moves burn speed against bullet inertiaso you get 2 cubic inches of very hot gas 4, degree very hot inside that case, there is your 35,psi, and that launches your bullet.

    You don't need it, but the accuracy is sooooooooooooooooooooooo good. Gun Digest Editors 0. Get Yours Now. There are many excellent choices

    images reloading 9mm powder choice
    Reloading 9mm powder choice
    So, slow powders burn dirtier?

    My bulk plinking ammo is fps. The 9mm Luger has a case length of 0. Im hoping this gets me right at fps or darn close to it with 6. Even with the heavy bullet, and a stout load though our pistol showed no signs of excessive pressureone of the great features of the 9mm Luger is that just about any shooter can learn to handle the pistol effectively, and that includes this particular load.

    My grain cast bullet load with chrono'd fps in degree weather, and fps in degree weather, both shot from the same Glock 19, factory barrel :eek:. Sign in Join.